Hotels in Rhône Alpes

As the largest region in France, the Rhône Alpes area offers a wide variety of accommodation in an equally diverse range of landscapes, from ski chalets to city bed & breakfasts, and from luxurious spa hotels to camp sites where you can be at one with nature. Whatever kind of accommodation you are looking for, this beautiful part of France offers everything you could possibly need to improve your well-being and give you peace of mind.

For a city break in Lyon, Grenoble or St Etienne, there is an extensive range of hotels to choose from. These thriving cities offer mid-budget hotels at an affordable price and in an excellent location whichsimply provide a comfortable place to rest your head after a long day of sightseeing. Alternatively, pamper yourself in a 5-star hotel such as the Villa Florentine in Lyon where you can indulge yourself in a luxurious and comforting setting.

If you feel at your best when keeping active then try the Ardèche region of Rhône Alpes which is home to countless campsites where you could go kayaking in the rivers and streams, scale cliff faces or purely take in the spectacular mountain landscapes, all for an inexpensive price. Or if you fancy hitting the slopes over the winter months, opt for a cosy ski chalet in one ofthe region’s popular ski resorts such as Courchevel, Val Thorens or Tignes.

For a truly peaceful holiday, the region has around 150 hotels throughout the region which offer spa and massage treatments to help alleviate stress and calm your mind and body. Try the towns of Aix-les-Bains, Brides-les-Bains or Morzine to find these areas designed for utter relaxation and rejuvenation.

Whether you are an adventurer who dreams of sleeping under the stars surrounded by majestic mountains, or if you are simply in need of a little rest and relaxation, find the perfect hotels in Rhône Alpes for you and start planning your ideal holiday at


Entertainment in Manila

Philippines, one of the most colorful and vibrating country of Southeast Asia is pulsating with life and teeming with flavors. Yeah, it is its capital Manila where you can hear its heart beating the loudest. The city is an invigorating blend of some of the country’s oldest and richest heritage treasures along with the most modern metropolitan features that makes it a truly mesmerizing city to visit. Manila is a massive city with all kinds of things to do, see and experience. Here you will be embraced by a friendly culture and all kinds of entertainment possibilities. Learn basic salsa every Thursday and Saturday at 10 p.m. at La Dolce Vita for free courtesy of Salsa Fanatics Entertainment and know this Latin American dance and free hip hop salsa lessons to make your trip memorable.

Dusit Thani, Manila

Browse the local markets of Manila where you find colorful coconut desserts, bite sized dried fish, assorted sausages and all kinds of tropical fruits and vegetables to enjoy local manila market. For all this fun-filled activities book low cost flights to manila and have a memorable journey of your life.
Casino Philippine advertises itself as Asia’s friendliest casino has a huge gambling palace where players can try their luck or kill the time while watching other playing, till early in the morning. Visit the SaGuijo Club which styles itself as an indie-Rock club, where live music is just part of attraction and the menu served is typically the Thai and Filipino snacks.

Scarborough Holidays

If you love sports then do visit Araneta Coliseum, which is a popular venue for professional basketball games managed by PBA, Philippines Basketball Association which is equivalent to America’s NBA. So check out the arenas for schedules. If you love natural beauty, then do visit Mt. Taal which is located about 2-3 hours away from Manila close to a town called Tagaytay and the place is considered to be the world’s smallest active volcano. Hop on a boat and cross the lake to the volcano island which takes less than an hour to reach it and the view its offers is truly awe-some and refreshing. So why wait, there are countless adventurous, thrilling and entertaining activities that keeps the visitors of Manila occupied. For all this fun and thrill just take cheap flights to Manila from London and have a memorable and entertaining trip to Manila.

Magnificent Attractions of Czech Republic Leave you Stunned

Czech Republic is simply appealing. These would be the words that you will utter after touching down in the beautiful Czech Republic. It is the country that is located right in the middle of the European continent. Whether you’re visiting this stunning European nation for the first time in your life or travelling for the fifth time, you should be loaded with a vacation package every time you hop on to attractive sights and sounds of Czech Republic. You have to ensure that you have enough time on hand so that you don’t miss out on any of the attractions. This is due to the fact that Czech Republic is vast to be covered in a day or two.

Czech Republic – Truly remarkable!

Get in touch with a trustworthy travel agency so that it can work out some of the most unequalled deals on cheap flights to Czech Republic for a journey will be engraved in your mind eternally.

Parague Travel

Located in the Central Europe, Czech Republic is the country that is blessed with picturesque locales, rich culture and history, ski resorts and the list does not come to a close. You would come across its rich Bohemian culture, charming ancient towns and splendid castles. This is one the reasons why Czech Republic is considered as one of the most romantic destinations on the planet.

Southern Bohemia is a stimulating tourist spot in the country that is prominent for its fabulous lakes, castles and historical sites. Take Czech Republic City Breaks for an exciting holiday.

What about giving a touch of discovery to Eastern Bohemia? It comprises highland ranges and appealing lowlands that are jammed with manors, castles and ancient towns.

Discover Budapest and Dive into its Splendid Times of Yore

The world is packed with amazing places of interest that are worth considering for a fabulous holiday. So, why not head to the Hungarian capital for living a lifetime’s worth? Budapest is one of the most admired cities in Europe and on the planet that are steeped in historical tales that yet endure to be expressed. You would simply be enthralled after touching down in Budapest and want to take a plunge into the city’s magnificent past and come out mesmerized. The Hungarian capital is recognized as a crucial hub and one of the largest cultural, political, commercial and industrial centers in Europe.

You can take discounted holiday packages to Budapest for never-ending fun.

Budapest Beauty

While on a tour to Budapest, you need to ensure that you have enough time on hand or you would miss out on some of the most distinguished highlights that add charm to the city. As far as one can tell, you wouldn’t want to have a soft heart when it comes to coming into close contact with the popular attractions or your journey would be deemed incomplete.

Budapest – A city that is replete with art houses, palaces, monuments and museums.

If shopping is something that fascinates you deep within, Budapest is the city where you can get your hands on locally made Hungarian handicrafts, the sinful cheeses, the rich wines and the striking porcelain goods. Make your way to Andrássy Avenue in Pest to grab some wonderful choices.


Budapest is also a marvellous place where you can indulge in some of the dining activities or if you want to party. You can get to experience the finest nightlife in this city that lets you kick up your heels.

Take a Memorable Expedition to Bahrain for a Magical Journey

Why don’t you head to Bahrain this season for something different? We know that you are a passionate traveller who strongly believes in the act of locomotion and have covered most of the destinations that are scattered around the world but we can be quite certain that you have not considered a vacation in this Middle East nation. Recognized as the Middle East light, Bahrain is a country that merges the contemporary infrastructure with the identity of the Gulf.

What if were to tell you that Bahrain is one of the few countries on the planet where you would see a mosque that has a Hindu temple or a Catholic church as its neighbour?

The country of Bahrain was known by the name of Dilmun in the medieval times. It witnesses around 8 million tourists every year because it is blessed with some of the most unmatched tourist highlights on Earth. The credit goes to the heritage that has been preserved the oldest and ancient spots since ages. So, grab short breaks to Bahrain and let your imagination run wild.

Bahrain International Circuit

Bahrain – Steeped in history!

Let’s take a journey together taking a glance at some of the most prominent attractions of the country, shall we?

1)      National Museum – Opened in 1988, the Bahrain National Museum is a commendable milestone to unveil 6000 years of rich history of Bahrain. Located on the junction of Muharraq Bridge and King Faisal Street, this museum is gifted with a small lake that presents various types of sail boats. Take cheap flights to Bahrain to explore this colossal museum.

2)      Bahrain Fort – Bahrain Fort is one of the much-admired spots for the tourists and it once used to be the seat of the Dilmun civilization. It has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

It’s the right time to take to the air to this country in the Middle East that pours various ancient tales on you.