How to Book Caribbean Holidays Packages

Is there such a thing as a cheap Caribbean holiday? It of course depends on how anyone defines the word, but in reality these aren’t the kind of breaks that are given away free of charge or anything close for that matter.

There is something about a Mauritius Holiday which by its very nature exudes a sense of exclusivity and luxury, which means that more often than not every last penny, is well-invested in the jaunt. However, this isn’t to say that there aren’t plenty of ways and means by which a person or family cannot make significant savings along the way, making sure that their Caribbean holidays are at least a little cheaper…if not strictly cheap.

For example:

Resort Checks

There are so many resorts across the Caribbean that you will of course have heard of – just as everyone else has over the years. As such, these will in most cases be the most tourist-oriented of them all and pack the biggest wallop to the wallet. Tip number-one then is this – give serious thought to trying out a place you haven’t actually every heard of, as chances are it won’t be nearly as purpose-built and could save you a packet.

Hilton Barbados Beach

Go Independent

Booking with a standard tour operator will see you paying plenty more than the trip itself costs…period. How on Earth do these High Street agents otherwise afford to remain in business? The answer therefore to cut costs is to cut out the middleman, who means either booking everything 100% manually, or getting in touch with an independent travel specialist where all commissions and fees are augmented by the massive discounts they are privy to by booking direct.

Airport Checks

Statistics show that your nearest major airport will in all probability also be one of the most expensive. Busy airports in heavily populated parts of the country are among the priciest every time, so consider commuting a little further afield and saving a generous sum on airport fees, taxes and ticket prices.

Mailing Lists

And if you’re quite willing to put up with an occasional wad of spam in the sake of nailing a bargain, consider signing up to a few carrier mailing lists to jump the queue next time their limited specials are announced.


Nobody really likes flying at night, which is exactly why it’s possible to see prices fall by at least 50% by choosing antisocial flying hours rather than peak times during daylight hours. And face it – there’s going to be some jetlag to work off anyway on the other end, so it doesn’t really matter what time you set off and arrive.

Price Promises

Last but not least, never make a booking with a tour operator or agent that doesn’t offer a comprehensive guarantee of the lowest prices on the market. Booking with a price-promise in tow means that the traveller can continue looking for deals long after the reservation has been made, safe in the knowledge that any bargains they find may result in generous discounts on the balance they’ve already paid or still owe.

island wedding

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About Author :

Stephen Keith was born into travelling as a lifestyle by parent who regularly took him on multicentre holidays and often relocated for career purposes. Today, his main base is Glasgow where he and his wife have two kids of their own, though the whole mob can usually be found frequenting any number of far-flung destinations spanning the length and breadth of the Earth.

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