Take a Memorable Expedition to Bahrain for a Magical Journey

Why don’t you head to Bahrain this season for something different? We know that you are a passionate traveller who strongly believes in the act of locomotion and have covered most of the destinations that are scattered around the world but we can be quite certain that you have not considered a vacation in this Middle East nation. Recognized as the Middle East light, Bahrain is a country that merges the contemporary infrastructure with the identity of the Gulf.

What if were to tell you that Bahrain is one of the few countries on the planet where you would see a mosque that has a Hindu temple or a Catholic church as its neighbour?

The country of Bahrain was known by the name of Dilmun in the medieval times. It witnesses around 8 million tourists every year because it is blessed with some of the most unmatched tourist highlights on Earth. The credit goes to the heritage that has been preserved the oldest and ancient spots since ages. So, grab short breaks to Bahrain and let your imagination run wild.

Bahrain International Circuit

Bahrain – Steeped in history!

Let’s take a journey together taking a glance at some of the most prominent attractions of the country, shall we?

1)      National Museum – Opened in 1988, the Bahrain National Museum is a commendable milestone to unveil 6000 years of rich history of Bahrain. Located on the junction of Muharraq Bridge and King Faisal Street, this museum is gifted with a small lake that presents various types of sail boats. Take cheap flights to Bahrain to explore this colossal museum.

2)      Bahrain Fort – Bahrain Fort is one of the much-admired spots for the tourists and it once used to be the seat of the Dilmun civilization. It has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

It’s the right time to take to the air to this country in the Middle East that pours various ancient tales on you.


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